Party Room Rental:

Omaha Location Only:

Whether you are looking for a space for your next business meeting,
bachelor/bachelorette party, family reunion, reception, birthday party or girl's/guy's night
We have you covered!

Our party room provides spacious and private seating for our guests!

Featuring Amenities:
• Comfortable seating for up to 40 people.
• Private room speaker system. (Play your own music!)
• Room color adjusting lights & light dimming option.
• 3 flat screen TV's ready for usage.
• 1-2 committed servers per party room rental.

Our Party Room is Available:
Tuesday- Thursday, FREE of charge!
• Reservation and confirmation are required
• Total bill (if split bill, before splitting) must be a MINIMUM of $500.00 per 20 guests
prior to tax deductions and does not include gratuity

Friday Through Sunday:
• Room fee of $200
• Required minimum of $500 worth of food and drink prior to tax deductions of total
bill ($500 per 20 guests, does not include gratuity, if split bill, before splitting)
• Reservation and confirmation are required
• Deposit of full amount ($200) is required at time of reservation (only $100 of that is
refundable, remaining $100 is due at time of dine in)